The Target Human Resources Private Limited (The Target) is an interminable part of the Continental Group and is renowned as reliable manpower specialists.

The focus of The Target is anchored on professionalism and values. The Target has enormously helped its clients to identifying highly talented professionals to man their key positions. The exhaustive data-bank maintained by The Target helps the clients to accurately determine the right choice of candidate for meeting their requirement in the manner desired by them.

    The distinct and sheen services provided by The Target include:

  • Manpower Recruitment Services
  • Payroll management
  • Facility management and support services
  • House-keeping Services
  • Valet parking and vehicle parking management
  • Pest Control Services

Manpower Recruitment Services

We conduct manpower recruitment services to segregate between the skilled and unskilled workforce. The manpower recruitment services helps in identifying the right candidates for the prescribed job posts in different companies. Our professional manpower recruitment services help save the companies’ time and energy. We can procure manpower from all the major countries where a rich pool of manpower is available. To name a few, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam & African countries, etc.

Payroll Management

Many organizations rely on a single person to manage their payroll function, but when that person quits, takes vacation or leave, their payroll is vulnerable to interruptions and costly errors. Our team-based approach allows us to provide outsourced payroll services without interruptions, as we assign a dedicated person and backup to your business. Our team of payroll specialists also provides payroll assessments, tax remittance advice, short term contracts and consulting skills.

We provide companies with a complete payroll management solution; including both a dedicated payroll specialist (who is accessible to you at all times) and a cost effective processing system.

Our payroll solution provides your company a dedicated payroll specialist, backed by a team of experienced payroll professionals and support services, for a professional and thorough payroll process. We use either our own payroll system or the system of your choice. Our service is based on providing a highly skilled payroll specialist to you, but without the expenses and overhead of an employee or department.

We take care of all data entry and government statutory remittances, records of employment, year-end reconciliation and customized reporting based on your needs. Our team based coverage ensures your payroll is never interrupted. We also take care of all your needs in liasoning with all statutory bodies, labour office, trade unions etc.

Facility Management

It is a matter of pride that the Target Human Resources Private Limited has the primacy in providing laudable facility management and support services to many a client across India. The services provided by us in this sector are:

Maintenance and upkeep of buildings, malls, towers, structures etc.: We have necessary infrastructure to carry out maintenance as well as to provide upkeep services that deter debilitation, to any type and size of buildings and structures anywhere in India. We have a large number of satisfied clients in this sector across the globe.

House-keeping Services
As the world progresses at a fast pace, the significance of proper house-keeping becomes noteworthy. Foreseeing the redundant demand for house-keeping, we have acquired necessary infrastructure to provide spiff house-keeping services across India in tune with the requirement of our clients.

Valet and Car Parking Management Services
The exploding vehicular population in an unimaginable and unmanageable magnitude and the ever increasing space constraints have necessitated valet and car parking management in a scientific manner. We are having a great deal of expertise in providing fully automated valet and car parking management services in a systematic and scientific manner. We provide services in hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, multiplex, exhibitions, resorts etc.

Pest Control Services
The pest menace, if left uncontrolled, causes not only nuisance to humans and environment, but is a treat to human health also. We have facilities and trained manpower to provide effective pest control services. We extend periodic pest control services on yearly contract basis with 100% reliability. Large number of clients across the world avail our services for effective pest control.

It is a matter of pride that the Target Human Resources Private Limited has the primacy in providing laudable facility management and support services to many a client across India.