The Royal Guards is a tributary of Target Human Resources Private Limited and is a leading provider of contract manned guarding services to major corporations, government agencies and a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. The Company’s services include manned guarding service, executive protection, event security management, cash management services, facilities management and advance training.

Now-a-days, security has become a world-wide concern, irrespective of place or person. Secured life has become a stupendous task and at the same time, security is needed for survival. The Continental Group has foreseen the increasing Security needs long back, which enthralled the formation of the Royal Guards.The Royal Guards equipped with a well trained competent contingent of security staff at all levels, provide fool-proof security system to the clients.

We provide: Standing and Patrol Services * Armed and Unarmed Guards * Protection for Special Events, Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings, Bank Drops, Hotels, Gated Communities and Construction Sites. * Daily, Weekly and Monthly Protection * VIP & Personal Security * Money Transfer Vehicles.

If you feel at risk, a security guard, patrol person, or a sentry could dissuade would-be criminals and keep order in your property. A guard is still the best deterrent, during the day or overnight. Our company dispatches guards to a wide variety of different locals and venues. Armed or unarmed security guards are a fearsome barrier to would be violators of your venue, building, or business. Trust us to keep you safe, regardless of the time or place. A good guard is affordable and worth it, when you work with us. We can respond to your unique needs and concerns.

Intelligence Services

The success of your company depends largely on your employees. An unsuitable employee could cost you loss of time and productivity. A dishonest employee can also indulge in theft and fraud. A disloyal employee can leak out confidential information to your business rivals and competitors, who can then steal a march over you.

Our detective agency can assist you in making more informed decisions about job candidates by accurate verification using corporate investigation services like hiring a unsuitable employee, litigation, hassles, information and asset pilferage, risk to personnel and assets, executive protection programme, emergency planning, pre/post employment screening, surveillance & shadowing of any person or vehicles, theft/fraud embezzlement, financial fraud, insurance claims investigation, assets & financial investigation about company.

Many candidates fake their employment history to get better jobs, higher salaries and better designations. This trend has caught on majorly in the IT and banking industry.Employment verification is important to validate, if a candidate has been working for the tenure, role and salary indicated on the resume.

Whether you are a one person proprietorship adding your first employee, a small business expanding rapidly across functional areas, a medium business growing across different product lines and geographies or a large enterprise spreading across continents, we have all your background screening and verification needs covered. We also provide certification services, as a verified credential is always more trusted than an unverified one. It enables the candidate to convince an institution of higher learning, an embassy or an employer that the education qualifications stated in his profile are not falsified and that he is a genuine candidate with authenticated credentials.