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Firms diversify their activities to grow, to utilize their existing resources and capabilities more, and to adopt the apt industry environments by alienating the undesirable ones. The diversification process across the globe has gained acceleration and momentum only in the recent times. At the same time, foreseeing the significance of diversification, the Continental Group had started expanding its activities long back by extending its voyage to more new destinations of business operations.

Continental Mercantile Corporation (Inc.) (CMC)

Apart from merely concentrating on national and international recruitment and human resources (HR) services and solutions through Continental Mercantile Corporation (Inc.) (CMC) which in fact is a Asia’s leading HR Consultants Global Recruiters, the Continental Group later moved to more new avenues of diversified operations.
Thus, technical training and evaluation of technical skills which is an area very much relevant to utilization of human resources, was added initially to the folder of diversification of the Continental Group.

The Continental Academy for Technical Studies (CATS )

The Continental Academy for Technical Studies (CATS), an internationally renowned Institute owned by the Continental Group provides world-class technical education to persons aspiring jobs in oil & gas industry. A specialized training programme by the name, “Oil and Gas Plant Technician Course”, is offered by CATS. The candidates, who roll out of this course successfully, are in remarkable demand in ‘oil and gals plants around the world.

The NITS Technical Academy (NITS)

The NITS Technical Academy (NITS), another world reputed technical institute owned by the Continental Group provides in-depth training to technicians as well as engineers to enable them in acquiring jobs overseas. The NITS also has enormous amenities and infrastructure to carry out spotless evaluation of the technical skills of technicians and engineers who search jobs abroad through the Continental Group. Such an evaluation process fully ensures that “No risk is involved in recruitment of candidates for overseas employment through the Continental Group”.

Target Human Resources Private Limited (The Target).

With the motive of providing impeccable services in executive search, manpower outsourcing, payroll management and project support services, the Continental Group established a company by the name of Target Human Resources Private Limited (The Target). The Target also provides facility management services like maintenance and upkeep services to buildings, malls, towers, structures etc., house keeping services, valet and car parking management services, pest control services etc

The Royal Guards

Security and surveillance services are an area of more significance and inevitability to men and machines for one reason or other. The Continental Group provides fool-proof security and surveillance services under the name ‘The Royal Guards’.

CITY Diagnostic and Healthcare Clinic

‘Health is wealth’ is a simple idiom with ample meaning. Focusing on healthcare, the Continental Group began a new venture, CITY Diagnostic and Healthcare Clinic. World class diagnostic and health care services are provided at this clinic. Further, the candidates seeking overseas employment through the Continental Group are subjected to rigorous health checks as per requirement at this Clinic.

Golden Fork Restaurant and Catering Company Pvt. Ltd

In the wake of globalization, liberalization and diversification, the three magical areas that transformed the modern world to new heights, hospitality has a major role to play. Realizing the importance of the hospitality sector, the Continental Group established the Golden Fork Restaurant and Catering Company Pvt. Ltd., which operates Golden Fork Multi-Cuisine Family Restaurants, Food Courts and a Pizza Restaurant.

Continental Advertising and Media Services (CAMS)

Publicity promotes progress. Realizing the prominence of publicity, especially in business activities, the Continental Group established Continental Advertising and Media Services (CAMS) to provide world-class publicity and advertising services. The advertisements designed and published by CAMS for the clients of the Continental Group result in large number of candidates turning out for the interviews which in turn enable the Clients to select the right candidates of their choice as per their requirements. CAMS is a one-stop Shoppe for all kinds of your brand building,

Continental Trading Corporation (CTC).

The three vibrant areas of globalization, liberalization and diversification have caused growth of FMCG industry to unimaginable levels globally. Understanding the growth prospects of the FMCG industry in the present and future times, the Continental Group established the Continental Trading Corporation (CTC). CTC is a super stockist and distributor of a variety of frozen food items and FMCG products.

CONTINENTAL IT Consultants India Pvt. Ltd.

Understanding the need of the hour where the information technology is fast penetrating to each nook and corner of lifestyles of human-beings through various applications whether it is software development in all fields, mobile applications, portals management, cloud computing, etc., Continental Group has already its foot established with CONTINENTAL IT Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. CONTINENTAL IT Consultants proudly presents their website www.gulfjobs.org, as one stop shop for job seekers and employers alike, providing responsive services, utilizing their industry knowledge, professional resources and creativity.

Sherwood Engineering & Contracting Company W.L.L.

Our construction & engineering and support services company under the name Sherwood Engineering & Contracting Company W.L.L. provides the full support for a construction site with manpower, equipments and tools.