NITS Technical Academy (NITS) instituted by the Continental Group offers professional expertise of world standards in the evaluation of technical skills and competence of job aspiring candidates. The facility offered by NITS ensures that only talented manpower is recruited and no risk is involved in the recruitments. NITS based in Cochin is a well-equipped technical training centre capable of providing technical education and facilities for evaluating the skills and competence of technicians and engineers who are proposed to be recruited by the clients of CMC world-wide.

NITS also fine tunes and orients the skills and efficiency of the technical personnel to suit the requirement of the clients who persistently look for competence of world-standards - an indispensable requirement in a highly competitive environment.NITS has a capacity to conduct 100 technical trade tests at a time. For welding itself we have 20 welding booths and machines. We can test all types of welding including the TIG & ARC and with X-ray certification. Other than this, we have facilities for hot & cold insulation sheet metal, structural & pipe fabrication, structural & pipe fitting, scaffolding, rigging, sandblasting, painting, carpentry, steel fixing, masonry, electrician, plumbing, diesel mechanics, petrol mechanics, denting, spray painting etc.