Realizing the prominent and the inevitable need of publicity in the highly competitive and qualitative modern world, the Continental Group has aptly set up its own advertising and media services under the name, Continental Advertising and Media Services (CAMS). CAMS offers world-class print and visual media services of all kinds as per the requirement of the clients. CAMS has adequate infrastructure and richly qualified and extensively experienced professionals in the media sector to significantly manage the advertisement requirements of the clients. Further, CAMS has the most modern digital facilities that are capable of delivering sublimely excellent quality designing and publishing of materials, production of stationary and animated visual arts etc.

In the recruitment, outsourcing and support service sectors, CAMS organizes advertisement campaigns as per the requirements of the clients of the Continental Group in a manner which yields the best results that are beyond the expectation of their clients. With the support and services provided by CAMS, the clients are relieved of the enigma connected with releasing of advertisements as per the requirement for manpower recruitment, outsourcing and support services. The advertisements designed and published by CAMS for the clients of the Continental Group result in a large number of candidates turn out for the interviews which enable the clients to select the right candidate of their choice as per their requirement; thereby the purpose for which the advertisement is released is fully fulfilled.