CONTINENTAL ACADEMY FOR TECHNICAL STUDIES (CATS), is an institution established by the Continental Group to develop and enhance the technical skills of the younger generations by providing world-class technical studies in oil and gas with a perfect synergy between career excellence and commensurately rewarding remuneration. The placement team attached to CATS with its presence at national as well as international levels, supports the students who roll out of the institution to secure excellent careers which match to their caliber. The students at CATS also develop employability during the course of their training. The courses offered by CATS have immense potential around the world in the oil and gas field. The job aspirants with a course certificate from CATS secure richly paid employment with enormous growth prospects.


Oil and gas industry requires highly competent technical workforce. At the same time, the number of reputed training centers that provides opportunities to youngsters to acquire the necessary qualification as a technician who can be engaged in the oil and gas plants is very scanty. Scenting the need and the vacuum to meet the needs, CATS has come out with an advanced oil and gas technician training programme. The course is of international standard. During the course of the study, the students undergo rigorous theory and practical sessions and only those students who are talented and are able to acquire in-depth knowledge get through the course successfully. The students who pass out this course secure handsomely paid jobs in the oil and gas sectors worldwide in oil refineries and gas plants even the demand for fresher is exorbitantly high. Oil and gas sector provides employment to thousands of talented technicians every year.